Just invested in a new RI2K? So get ready to live happily ever after together, because our leather handbags have been made to last a lifetime. All they need is a little tender loving care.

Similar to how we all need a little care and attention, our leather accessories do too and with the right aftercare, you can ensure they maintain their exceptional quality, even as you use them every day. After all, our leather bags are designed to only get better with age.

From a bestselling cross body bag crafted in the finest leather, to a pocket-sized purse with the smoothest hand feel. We always use the finest leathers, which you can look after using our aftercare tips. 


You can continue to maintain the quality of your leather handbag even when you aren’t using it, by storing it in the right way. Here are a few things to remember when packing away your bags.

Keep them in a well-ventilated area

Leather is a natural material that needs to breathe. It can also be affected by moisture, which can cause mould or mildew and light, that can fade the beautiful colour of your bag. To prevent this, avoid putting them in an airtight container and make sure to keep them out of the sun.

Make use of the fabric dust bag

Most of our leather products come with a fabric dust bag – the perfect solution to storing your leather bag safely. The fabric allows the leather to breathe, while also shielding it from light. We would also pop in the silica gel packet that comes with your bag to manage the moisture levels.

Pack it – but not too much

Leather’s suppleness means it can flatten over time. The best way to preserve the carefully crafted shape of your bag is to pad it when not in use. The tissue paper that comes in your new RI2K London bag is perfect – we would recommend keeping hold of it when your order arrives.

You should also avoid overfilling your handbag when you have a busy day. Squeezing extra items inside will stretch the leather and ruin the bag’s original shape.


From our London-based Design Team to our expert craftspeople, we all share a passion for the most beautiful materials. It’s why we always use the finest leathers.

When designing a new bag, our Designers consider everything. Whether it’s the texture of the grain or how many pockets make the perfect number.

We love the leathers we use because they break in and look beautiful with age. Leather is a natural material, there will be subtle variations in each item and the leather will wear over time. All leather products require periodic care. We recommend you use a high quality, alcohol-free leather cleaner or conditioner to maintain the leather of your RI2K product or you may take your item to a leather specialist.

Leather is a natural material. Time ages leather to make it more beautiful with each passing day. Each piece of leather is unique and hence demands your love and care.

If leather gets too wet: Dry it slowly. Speed drying leather changes its chemical structure, and you end up with stiff crinkles. So room temperature with gentle air works better than direct heating with hair-dryer.

If leather gets too dry: Rub something moist into it. Pick a leather dressing or cream, preferably recommended for leather.

If leather gets dirty: Just use a cloth. You don’t want to be putting any soaps or chemical detergents in there.

Never wrap your leather products in plastic. Your leather needs to breathe in order to avoid any mildew growth, so keep some ventilation going and use the dustbags or box provided with your RI2K products.

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