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Donna AKA Sulkydoll
Polly C Heiss with our Dax Saddle is Casis
  • RI2K - What would be a normal working day in the life of Polly C Heiss?



06:30        A glass of warm water to start the day, quick email check Breakfast -  a blend of acai powder, almond milk with generous toppings of chia seeds, mixed frozen berries and fresh figs
07:30         Get my 2 boys ready for school
09:00        Arrive office, meetings, meetings and meetings
12:30        Lunch -  a hearty salad and fruits
19:00        Dinner - steamed fish or grilled chicken breast with vegies 
20:00       Bedtime stories for my 2 boys
21:00        Night conference calls / Last emails 
22:00       Wind down & lights out

Polly C Heiss | Senior Vice President, Global Business Development Asia


  • What are the highs and lows you have experienced in your career?


Highs; Many professional relationships turned friendships, developed over a period time of trust and mutual support.
Lows; I had in the past experienced sexist views and bias against female leadership.


  • What was it that made you want to get into logistics in the first place?


I got into logistics when I graduated as I believe it is the backbone of any business.


  • After 21 years in business, what changes have you seen for women in the workplace?


When I graduated from college, logistics was male dominated. The logistics workforce today is supported by many women, including senior leadership roles. I work for LF Logistics, a Li & Fung company that embraces gender equality. We were recently ranked #15 globally in a recent survey of 3,000 global companies, in terms of global gender pay equality, and # 1 in Asia.  


  • What was your main drive to succeed in the roles you have had?


I give 110 percent effort and strive for perfection in everything I do. Otherwise, I rather not do it.


  • What was the best advice you were given in business?


Benchmark and learn from your competitors, or perish.


  • Would you have done anything differently if you knew then what you know now?


There are many lessons learnt. One of them would be, I would have spent more time with my father before his passing.


  • How do you get a good work life balance?


I use my vacation days and make a conscious effort to set family time boundaries.


  • What would be the three best tips you would give to anyone wanting to get to the top in business?


Empathize, we can’t solve problems that we don’t see 
Embrace change 
Never stop pushing yourself


  • How do you cope with the casual sexism that is prevalent in business?


I give my honest and direct feedback which is the most effective in responding to casual sexism. It may not be what he wants to hear, but he will get it straight up.


  • Do you see this finally improving?


There is a lot of awareness recently on gender equality. Large corporations now see diverse teams produce better results. While it is progressing, there is still a lot to do to close the gap.


  • Do you feel the way you dress effects how you are seen in business?


I feel it is important to dress well because it shows respect to the people I meet in business. First impression does matter and it goes a long way!


  • What would be your top fashion tips for the office, relaxing and for nights out?


Don’t be afraid to wear colors. A versatile bag is a must and carry a pair of light sandals in the bag to ease your tiring feet.


RI2K London - Cole Tote in Casis
RI2K London - Cole Tote in Casis